Menu Items


Homemade Waffle Cones

Cake Cones

Sugar Cones

Pretzel Cones


Custom Sundaes with our Giant Topping Bar!

Brownie Sundaes

Banana Splits

Fresh Strawberry Sundaes (in local season) 

Fun theme/season based kid sundaes

Hot Fudge, Caramel, Dusty Road, CMP, and more!

Milkshakes in all 44 flavors!

Pick one or several flavors for unlimited combinations!

Add in Brownie, Banana, or Malt for an extra special treat!

Old Fashioned Soda Floats

Rootbeer, Birchbeer, Coke, Orange, Creme and Black Cherry! 

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Made to order with any flavor you choose between two chocolate chip cookies!

Pinwheel Ice Cream Sandwiches

Soft ice cream sandwiches in traditional chocolate wafer cookies!

Available in our take out case in Packs of 6 


Large selection prescooped or choose your own flavor from the serving line!

Ice Cream Cakes

Variety of beautiful gourmet candy cakes in our take out case ready to celebrate any event! 


Several rotating flavors available at all times.

Vegan Milkshakes made with Vegan Ice Cream and Almond Milk!

No Sugar Added (NSA)

Several rotating flavors of no sugar added flavors available at all times.

Dog Treats 🐾 

Dairy Free Banana & Peanut Butter house made frozen dog treats!

Food Items

🍔 Greer's Burger Garage shares the building with us (unrelated business)

Featuring Smash Burgers for a quick meal (has indoor & outdoor seating)

🍝 Moonlight Cafe across the street

Upscale Italian restaurant for a sit down dining experience